7 Most Amazing Tools Used In Molecular Biology

Being a biology student requires a lot of laboratory work in college. I initially lacked confidence in using molecular biology tools and was very apprehensive while using them. My teacher even yelled at me when I could not use some of the tools properly. The tools were extremely sophisticated.  But, I somehow managed to learn the names of all the tools and their applications. What did I do? I compared all the tools or instruments with the household items and this helped me to memorize all the tools and their functions. If you are not a biology student and you are curious to know what different tools are used by zoologist, botanist, microbiologist and biologist then this will definitely cherish you.

1. Micro-pipette :- This is the simplest tool used in molecular biology. It can be used by anyone.  It is used as a chemical dropper to measure and deliver an accurate volume of liquid. These are of varying sizes.

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2. Autoclave :- Have you ever thought how surgeons remove germs from surgical tools after completion of one surgery? Something must be done to kill germs or microorganisms on these tools. So, autoclave makes their work easy. The autoclave is just like a pressure cooker. As pressure cooker uses pressure and steam to cook food,  autoclave also uses the pressure and steam to kill microorganisms.

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3. BOD incubator :- Today, we all have refrigerators at our home. Refrigerators use a low temperature. BOD incubator is just like the refrigerator because it requires low temperature (20-25 degree Celsius). What is BOD? BOD is the biological oxygen demand. BOD incubator is used for BOD testing. These incubators are ideal for preservation of vaccines, testing life cycle.

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4. Orbital shaker :- We all have a blender or mixer in our houses. The function of the blender is to blend something or to mix . An orbital shaker  works just  like a mixer. It is used to mix or blend the substance in test tubes in laboratories. One can also change the speed of shaker . Orbital shaker is useful especially for growing cultures of cells.

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5. Inoculation loop :- Some of us ,used to make bubbles with the bubble blower. Inoculation loop is just  like a bubble wand or a bubble blower. It is a thin metal device with a looked wire at one end.Scientist use inoculation loop to transfer inoculum for streaking or to hold bacterial samples.
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6. Laminar air flow chamber :- We all love to remain germ-free. So how biologist prevent contamination of biological samples. Laminar air flow makes their work easy. It is a chamber to prevent contamination of biological samples. Clean and dust free air enables the aseptic work.

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7. pH meter :- Everyone learn in their school, how to measure acidity or alkalinity with litmus paper. pH is the negative logarithm of hydrogen ions. pH meter is an electronic device used to measure the pH of the solution. pH meter gives a more accurate pH measurement than litmus paper.
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