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8 Bihari Dishes You Must Try!

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You must have tried varieties of local dishes in different states of India, but we are sure you may not have tasted all the dishes we have listed below. If you are keen to try new dishes, then you must try all the Bihari dishes which we at PencilText have listed for you. Just take a look at them!

  1. Litti-Chokha:
    It is one of the most popular dishes in the North India which originated from Bihar. It is made up of Wheat flour stuffed with a mixture of gram flour, species, lemon juice and served with chokha (baked with vegetables and pulps). Litti Chokha is best when it is smoked on cow dung cakes.
    Litti Penciltext.com                                                               (Pic courtesy- upload.wikimedia.org)
  2. Thekkua/ Khajuriya:
    Thekkua is one of the dishes popular for its taste and specially made on the occasion of Bihar’s most auspicious festival, Chhathh Puja. It is made from wheat flour, dry fruits, sugar mixed module and then deep-fried. It tastes awesome when taken with Spicy Pickle.
    Thekua Penciltext.com                                                          (pic courtesy- http://www.vanillanews.com/)
  3. Pedakiya/Palakiya/Gujiya:
    It is the most famous fried sweet dish made on the occasion of Teej. It is made up by stuffing flour stuffed with suji (semolina), khoya or grated coconut.
    Gujiya Penciltext.com                                                        (pic courtesy- nanikirecipe.blogspot.com)


  1. Khaja:
    The crunchy sweet dish which is famous in Patna (Bihar) is made by a mixture of flour and sugar. It is deep-fried and then it is dipped into the sugar
    I, myself having water in my mouth writing this.
    Khaja Penciltext.com                                                     (pic courtesy- http://www.suruchifoods.com/)
  2. Malpuaa:
    It is one of the sweet dishes from Bihar specially made on festivals like Holi and Saraswati Puja or any special function. It is made from flour with coconuts, milk, squeezed bananas and sugar and is deep-fried in such a way that it should be crispy at the ends and soft in the middle.
    Malpua Penciltext.com                                                          (pic courtesy-http://cdn.indiamarks.com/)


    For all those who are not aware of what Makhana is, it is also known as fox nut. This different version of kheer is made like a usual kheer but it contains fox nuts instead of Rice which makes it taste different and less sweet.
    Makhana Kheer Penciltext.com                                                          (pic courtesy-wonderwoman.intoday.in)
  2. Parwal Ki Mithai:
    Yeah, you read it right! This sweet dish is made from a vegetable name parwal or patal. It is awesome by taste and made by pointed gourd stuffed with khoya and variety of ingredients.Parwal Mithae Penciltext.com                                                                          (pic courtesy-lazeezcom)
  3. Daal-Pittha:
    It is one of the most common Bihari dishes which is made up of Rice flour stuffed with spicy gram paste and then steamed. It is served with a Spicy.
    Daal Pittha Penciltext.com                                                          (Pic courtesy-http://blog.aaobihar.com/)

    Cover Pic Courtesy : zobello.com, recipeshubs.com, holidify.com

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