A Tribute To Our Teachers

Kabir is the one, who has beautifully articulated the relationship between a Guru and Shishya through his Dohas. So, this tribute would be incomplete without reciting his verse.

Guru Govind Dou Khade, Kake Lagu Pau?
Balihari Guru Aapne, Govind Diyo Bataye..

It means that Guru (Teacher) and Govind (God) both are standing together, whom should I bow first or whose feet should I touch first? Here, the poet suggests that we should to touch Guru’s feet first because it is he who taught us about the God.
Such was the esteem and reverence with which our ancestors regarded teachers. We at PencilText have made a list of famous Guru-Shishya Jodi whose names are etched with gold in the history. Take a look!

1. Dronacharya and Arjuna:

dronacahrya and arjunaSource- sites.google.com

In the epic, Mahabharata, Dronacharya served as a teacher for the Royal Princes. He found that Arjuna was an exceptional student and stood out from the rest. Seeing such immense talent in him, Guru bestowed him with the special wisdom of the Devastras and the mystical bow of Brahma. It is even said that Drona loved Arjuna as his own child.

2. Chanakya and Chandragupta Maurya:

chanakya2Source- sathyasaiwithstudents.com

chandragupta maurya 2Source- greatkingsed.tk

Chandragupta was the founder of the Maurya empire. His Chief Advisor was Chanakya who played a pivotal role in his life. Chandragupta with the help of Chanakya defeated the Magadha King and took to the throne. Chanakya nitis are remembered and recalled to this day.

3. Swami ramadas and Shivaji Maharaj:

ramdas and shivajiSource – speakingtree.in

Shivaji did many acts of valour under the guidance of Samarth Ramdas Swami. Ramdas advised Shivaji to follow his warrior dharma even at the cost of his life. Holy text ‘Dasbodh’ contains all the preaching of Ramdas in which he says, “Always be cautious. Have a proper judgement to distinguish between a friend and an enemy.”

4. Acharya Vedavikrama and Ashoka:


Ashoka’s “Art of War” which was famous all over the world and led him to conquer the entire India, was the result of his teachings of his Guru Acharya Vedavikrama.

5. Ramakrishna and Swami Vivekananda:

vivekanandaSource- www.wordpres.com

The meeting with Ramakrishna proved to be a turning point in Vivekananda’s life. Ramakrishna shaped his personality and prepared him to dedicate his life to serve the humanity. At initial stages, when Vivekananda would not accept him as his Guru, Ramakrishna told him,”Test me as the money changers test their coins. You must not believe me, without testing me thoroughly.

“Give a Man a Fish, He’ll Eat For a Day,
Teach Him How to Fish, He’ll Eat for Lifetime.”

Such is the power of “Teaching”. Every single person who taught you the slightest lesson in your life is your guide. Let’s take this opportunity and thank our teachers and mentors who have guided us through all the adversities of life.


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