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Astral Projection

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Since the dawn of civilization people have dreamt of freedom. Well who would give up the chance of flying or rolling in the mid-air, to go places without paying travelling fares or violating the fundamental laws of physics?

What is Astral Projection



Astral projection/astro projection is an out of body experience in which the subject can actually feel their spiritual body (soul) detached from their corporeal self. In this projection the astral body could travel to a different dimension other than the real one in which our body exits.

Many patients have reported perception of astral projection or something like it. It may be caused due to hypnosis, brain traumas, near death experience or by psychedelic drugs.

Some even claim to have definitely travelled astraly. But using these fatal ways to project would be totally insane. Through constant practice one can learn this paranormal act. Like by imagining a rope while sleeping (in a complete relaxed state and imaging yourself to pull your conscious spirit away from your body).

Myths Related to Astral Projection

  • You maybe possessed by a demon while you are in your astral body



  • The silver chord that connects your spirit and the physical body can be severed.

Silver cord


  • You may die in the spirit realm

Well, none of this is possible if you use this trick with a positive mind.

Science behind the Astral Projection

Though claimed by several hundred people to have taken the astral tricks science does not believe in this absurdity. Some scientist has taken initiative to unravel the truth behind this phenomenon.

Andra M.Smith and Claud Messierinere from University of Ottawa tested their subject


Top image: Significantly activated regions of the brain while the participant was having extra-corporeal experiences. Most significantly activated regions are lateralized to the left side and include the supplementary motor area (F), the cerebellum (B,D,E), the supramarginal gyrus (D,F), the inferior temporal gyrus (B,D,F), the middle and superior orbitofrontal gyri (A,C,D,E).

She was able to see herself rotating in the air above her body, lying flat, and rolling along with the horizontal plane. She reported sometimes watching herself move from above, but remained aware of her unmoving “real” body. The participant reported no particular emotions linked to the experience.

The Functional magnetic resonance imaging, or fMRI showed a “Strong deactivation of visual cortex” while “activating the left side of several areas associated with kinaesthetic imagery” this part is responsible for mental imagining of body movements. This region of brain makes us aware of the body’s connection with the world.

AstralProjectionconnecting with World

The experiment was documented and conclusion was drawn – this is real, for the lady who is actually experiencing the moments she claims, which can be seen through the MRI brain scans but to say that “The soul is getting out of her body is just like adding honey to already sweet pie & just exaggeration of the truth”.

So as they say “When you hear hoofs, think of horses not of unicorn”. So if dreaming, think it to be a lucid one and not an astral projection.
But still the voice of crowd cannot be ignored in this democratic world.

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