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PencilText along with YFS is extending its hands in helping students with their studies and extra curricular activities at BAL SAHYOG KENDRA. Here is one of our reports.

I have been associated with YFS since 6 months. Youth for Seva has turned out as a platform for training for me. Recently YFS got associated with Bal Sahyog Kendra, New Delhi.

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Bal Sahyog Kendra was founded by late Prime Minister, Smt. Indira Gandhi in 1954. It is a Children’s World in its Home and Contact Centres in the slums of Delhi by providing them nutrition, health care, education, and protection.

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We got a chance to work at this centre. I was privileged to be selected as the Coordinator of Bal Sahyog Kendra centre. It is my first project in which I have been given the responsibilities for the proper functioning of Volunteers at the centre.

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As it is a new project, therefore, we have been visiting it only for a couple of weeks. We have the task of teaching 40 students who are from class 1st to 5th. As these children are staying there under the orders of government so we had to take a Child Protection Act Policy session in order to understand Do’s and Don’ts with students.

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We signed the Policy paper and were told by the authority that only those volunteers will be allowed to teach who have signed the Policy paper. Therefore, 10-15 volunteers who signed the Policy papers will be working at this centre. After all the office work was done, then only we got to interact with the students.

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At first, students were reluctant to study, they just wanted to play and they were hesitating to come to class. We tried convincing them that on the first day we won’t be teaching, we will only have fun. Finally after 20-25 minutes of convincing we succeeded in gathering students.

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Volunteers sat with different groups of kids and got to know them. We had a casual talk on the 1st day.

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I evaluated that which way of teaching would be more interesting and fun for them. I had a nice time with the kids. I interacted with them, asked about their likes and dislikes.


I got to know how they spend their whole day and what activities do they like. I found out that they were very fond of cricket. They were indeed very creative.


They drew and made a beautiful house, boat, plane, Fish and face of a Dog using paper. I asked them to write their name on whatever they make. They told me the story of Rabbit and the Tortoise and also recited beautiful poems. The students are really talented and it was really a great start.

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We have lots of plans for making studies interesting for these kids. It’s just the start and we will be implementing all our ideas in order to make studies more fascinating for the students at Bal Sahyog Kendra.

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One of the kids made me promise that I will have to come again and teach them new craft activities. It was good to see that kids like us and they want us to come back again.

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We work at Bal Sahyog every weekend for 2 hours in the evening. I always wanted to teach someone and this is one of the greatest opportunities for me. To teach these students, to spend time with them, to have fun with them and teaching them the difference between good and bad is completely different experience.

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Initially, it was a bit saddening to see that they live without their family and relatives. But these children show us that how happily they are living along with their friends.

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They are not materialistic at all; they are true little people happy in their own world of fantasy.

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They teach us how to live happily in a completely strange world.

Suprita Das
Coordinator – Bal Sahyog Kendra
Youth For Seva &

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