Being An Introvert And Nailing It

An introvert? So, are you amongst the one, who cannot be termed as ‘icebreakers’ in your group? Whatever your response might be, you will enjoy reading this article.

A person may be an introvert because he enjoys his personal space and does not feel like mingling around with strangers. It is just the personal aspect of viewing the society and that further shapes our personalities. I personally believe introversion should never be mixed with shyness.



Being an introvert is not an easy route. Not everyone completely gets us. Oh! Those social gatherings drain us completely. We seek peace and quiet and very much satisfied with keeping to our daily routines. We hate it when someone invades our personal boundaries. And who would not remember those childhood tags by elders, “quiet and calm”.

Though we are assertive in our views, we wait for our turn patiently and are slow reactors to building situations.  The biggest confusion of our life is to socialize or not? And most of the times answer is a big “no”, as we would enjoy a glass of wine with our friends than being with a group of strangers.

Ahh! Now that makes us quite unique.

5 unique qualities :

  • We are cautious decision makers and don’t rush on decisions. Preference to think before we speak is an added advantage.


  • Our hobbies include reading, writing, etc. over partying. Our best comes out in the quiet and peaceful environment.


  • We are easy going companions, as we are thoughtful and low key.



  • So, when you thought partying was the only way to enjoy life, we enjoy life quietly without displaying our feelings.


  • And finally, we may not be the first person you meet over the party, but we surely are the most interesting people you know.


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