Diabetes- A Silent Killer

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We all are quite aware about the term Diabetes [Diabetes mellitus]. These days, many people become victim of Diabetes. It is not necessary that only aged people have diabetes, rather, it can be developed among modern youth. As food is the crux of our survival, most of us are addicted to Junk-food and avoid nutritious diet. Do you know that junk-food [Delicious, crispy & full of spices] is the major factor in causing diabetes? Gastroenteritis, overweight & cardiovascular diseases are common health hazards due to junk-food.

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EXPLICATE DIABETES– It refers to a cluster of metabolic diseases that influence the mechanism to maintain blood sugar level [glucose]. Glucose is a main source of energy, but its great concentration can lead to health problems. Insulin is a hormone that regulates the level of blood sugar, produced by the pancreas, but in diabetic condition, insulin is not produced properly.

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This condition can arise due to our quotidian bad habits, let’s take a look at them:

  • Before going to the office, we should have breakfast but, most of us skip it. Breakfast is an essential meal of the day. Skipping breakfast can alter the level of the insulin & blood sugar.
  • Excessive intake of White- bread, Potatoes & other carbohydrates will  cause a sharp increase in the level of blood sugar. Instead of white- bread, we should use Whole- grain bread to balance glucose.


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  • Whenever we feel Psychological stress, it triggers over-eating & release of hormones [epinephrine & cortisol] that disrupt the production of the insulin.

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  • Deficiency of vitamin D, to avoid cancer-causing rays we avoid direct contact with sun rays but entire deprivation of sunlight interrupts the functioning of Pancreas & increases the risk of diabetes.
  • According to National institute of Diabetes, we must take minimum 6 hours sleep, & when we sleep for lesser than 6 hours, then the level of blood sugar gets altered & may put us at risk of diabetes.

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  • According to National institute of diabetes, digestive & kidney diseases, physically more active & brawny people have lower risk of diabetes.

Some of the popular faces, diagnosed with diabetes are Halle berry, Tom hank, Billi Jean king, Larry king, Patti Labelle, David wells, Mike Golic, Randy Jackson, Drew Carey.

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Although we will not be able to protect ourselves from all diseases, still it might be possible to some extent only through concerted efforts and well diet & won’t.

“If you don’t take care of your body, you receive life without bliss.”

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