Feminism is a social theory or political movement arguing that legal and social restrictions on females must be removed in order to bring about equality of both sexes in all aspects of public and private life.

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Feminism in India aimed at bringing, modifying, and then defending equality of opportunities, of social as well as economic rights for Indian women. So basically feminism is for empowerment of women, for rights, for opportunities, and for equality. But did you ever think, why we need feminism, from where it evolves, or why actually we all are unaware about the clear concept of feminism and why we all are just debating over whether to follow it or not?

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Feminism has its own history ; it has had its three stages. The first stage evolved when in the mid-nineteenth century, European colonist males started to speak out against the social evil of sati. The second stage came from around 1915 to 1947 when Gandhi changed the women’s movement into the quit India movement and women’s organizations began to emerge. Lastly, post-independence ,treatment with women after marriage, at their homes and occupational spaces, and parity in all other aspects were focused.

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Besides the progress made, there are equally many issues related to feminism that have emerged in past decades. Rapes, marital rapes, sex selective abortion, imbalanced sex ratio, taboo of consensual sex- these are the top most issues bothering our females now-a-days. The actual problem does not lie with feminism, but with people’s perspective. Women are not treated at par with men, rather valued as an object or a thing. Also the Indian patriarchal culture promotes land ownership rights and challenges educational system.In Islam, men and women are considered equal, and the Quran teaches that males and females think differently, work differently and are different biologically. Islam bestows different rights to men and to women. But we see no one actually following any ritual of Quran or any other ideal.


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We have our mothers at home and we all respect her from the bottom of our hearts, but this does not show that we are actually following feminism. We do respect her because she is our mother, because we love her, but not because she is a female.

We all are not aware about females, in spite of the fact that we live with them and work with them, but then why can we not understand that these women are the other halves of our incomplete lives, and dominance over them and torturous behavior towards them is not understandable.


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A woman can do what a man can do, but is man willing to do what a woman does? Or is he even willing to accept that this fact, or that, women should be considered equal to them, as they truly are?

We all are created by same force, we all have the same senses, but it just depends on us whether we act in a good  way or bad. It is high time to start using them for a good cause, and not act like a dummy in this world, doing what the world does.

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