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Everyone loves to have dessert after a great meal. When the word Dessert clicks to your mind, you think of sweets, cakes, ice-cream and much much more. But have you ever thought about eating rolls for dessert? Sounds funny, huh? But you read it right!

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This summer forget about every other dessert and try new Ice-Cream Rolls trending in Delhi! The all new concept of ice-cream roll has been brought all the way from Thailand just for you by two tech guys belonging from Faridabad and Mumbai.

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Here’s how it works: An ice cream base and your choice of add-ins are poured into a metal plate known as Teppan. It is chilled up to -35 degree Celsius. Then these ingredients are chopped in an old fashioned way together and gradually the ingredients start mixing and freezing on the chilled metal plate.

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In just a few minutes, the ice cream firms up and then it is spread on the Teppan into a thin layer and finally, it is scrapped out as beautiful chubby rolls. It is then served by adding sprinkles, almond powder, cherries and drizzle of chocolate or other fruit syrup according to the flavour of your ice-cream roll.

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The best thing about ice-cream rolls are that real fruits and other natural ingredients are used in its preparation which is healthy and the most amazing thing is, you can see how is your ice-cream roll being made? It’s a real treat to eyes! Umm, who can be your health inspector better than you?

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For this heavenly, lip-smacking experience, you must head towards, Shop No. 5, Satya Niketan, South Campus, University of Delhi.

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If you are curious about the functioning of Teppan , feel free put forward your queries in front of the owner. He has the answer to all your queries! These guys have an amazing combination of flavours in their Menu.

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We at Pencil Text highly recommend you to try this out because if you don’t try, you’ll never know!


These rolls are the bliss for your soul!


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