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Spirits & Spectre– as soon as these words enter into the ear, we become so excited & curious to go into their deep meanings. There is no exaggeration in saying that spirits are supernatural imaginary powers & uncontrollable forces. In reality, I don’t know anyone who has seen these superpowers but, since ages, with a description of terrible spirit, a tall fellow with weird clothes, scratches on face, an aggressive voice comes in mind. Wait, what is an imaginary image formed in your mind?

scary handSource: news18.com

Numerous scary movies have been released & in fact latest movie CONJURING 2 is haunted.

the-conjuring-posterSource: headstuff.org

The haunting in Connecticut [2009], Ring [1998], The eye [2002], Haunted [1995], Night of the living dead [1968], Ju-on- the grudge [2002] & Bollywood movie Raaz [2002], [all are grisly, dreadful & haunted movies] have a concept of supernatural fantasy. Events or scenes in these movies are quite fictitious, yet we watch like it is going to in reality. If the 12 a.m to 3 a.m show has been seen then, even to bring a glass of water, we are afraid- that’s usual human psychology.

Not only movies, but somewhat haunted places also exist in reality according to paranormal experts. Dow hill, kurseong [west Bengal], Bhangarh fort [Rajasthan]- has dark past, Tunnel no.33 [shimla], Brij raj bhavan palace in Kota [Rajasthan], Delhi Cantt area [Delhi], Dumas beach [Gujarat], GP block of Meerut [Uttar Pradesh] are cursed, haunted places in India. It is said that some of the palaces are ruled by spirits of kings. Multiple stories are bonded to such ghostly places & make them actually possessed. Related to some of the forts, certain people presume that if anyone roams in these forts he or she will experience nightmares & get possessed.

Scary-land-of-Bhangarh-FortSource: tourismandfood.com

Recent a serial KAVACH has been started, [directed by Santram Verma on Colors channel] is a phantom thriller.  Another serial A  HAUNTING was started in 2005 on discovery channel.

kavachSource: guruofmovie.com

Many paranormal articles had been published in newspapers, depict actual frightful stories.


Source: google.com

A few days ago, I had read a story in an old newspaper that illustrates one such extrasensory incident. It goes something like this…..

Four guys belonging to north-London decided to visit an unknown palace. They reached there around 6:20 p.m.; palace had been closed by then. The palace was quite far from their area, and then one friend said, “If we have come here then let’s take a look from inside” & rest of three friends agreed. Another friend said to them “how will we enter?” Finally, they entered inside via huge hole in the middle of the wall. There was a quite tranquil environment. They keep on walking inside the palace. One friend [Arjun] went to the hall of the palace. Suddenly seeing a man, Arjun got scared. An old man said “there is no need to be afraid, I am a servant of this palace’’ Then Arjun saw that hands & neck of the servant were scalded & Arjun understood that something was very wrong. Arjun asked him, “How did you get burned?” The servant told Arjun that a few days ago he had been working in kitchen & gas cylinder had exploded. Suddenly Arjun heard voices of his friends & went to them. Arjun told them that he had seen an old man. His friends asked him where had he seen & when? They told Arjun that he was unconscious for half an hour. Then Arjun realized that his dream had confused him.

discovery chl

Source: dblbox.com

Who knows the truth behind this story, But …………

Fun with fear is the impressive combination, creates crispy & frightful imaginary world, apart from boring life & pulls psychology of human so that one could relish some unearthly things too.

fun with fearSource: meloplasty3.rssing.com

Featured Image Source: ste.india.com

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