Games Which 90’s Kids Will Remember

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Who does not love to play Games? Games are of various types, indoor and outdoor, yet now-a-days kids prefer indoor games over outdoor games. Outdoor games teach children to learn altruism, sound-body coordination, fellow-feeling and team spirit. Side by side it helps in reducing the risk of numerous chronic diseases & inactivity. Games help children in maintaining their growth but now-a-days only electronic/online games are being played. Here is a list of games which 90’s kids will remember.

HIDE & SEEK- There is a group of 4 or more than 4 players. One player closes his/her eyes until rest of the players hide & then that player tries to find all players.

afterfeedSource: afterfeed.com

POSHAMPA- At least 5 or 6 players are required. Two players stand opposite to each other & interlock their fingers; they form a bridge & sing a song that is ‘Phosham pa bhai phosham pa’.

child-20clipart-clip-art-playing-childrenSource: clipartprnda.com

Rest of the players then, pass through the bridge again & again until the song gets finished. With the ending of song, bridge comes down & forms a cage or circle, a player that comes within circle gets out.

po Source: primarybloggers.co.uk

PAKDAM PAKDAI- This game is played by a group. All the members of group run & one of them becomes catcher. Whoever gets caught by him becomes the next to catch other players.

2-Pakdam-PakdaiSource: utterbewakoof.com

GILLI DANDA- Gilli Danda is one of the ancient games of India. It can be played individually as well as in a group. Name of game is same as objects which are used in playing this game. The first object is Gilli (small stick) & other object is Danda (large stick). The player hits smaller stick with the large one as far as he can.

gilli-dandaSource: indiantraditionalgames.com

STAPU/ KITH-KITH/ HOPSCOTCH- It is one of the most enjoyable games and is played usually by girls. Let’s suppose a player throws an object on 5th box of the 8 numerical boxes then he/she hops on the boxes up to 4th box by hopping on one leg and then the player regains the object.

kith kithSource: clubpimble.com

 As the generation change time by time, the trend of playing games are being changed.  These days, rather than outdoor games, video and computer games are in demand which have their own expressive mode.

key boardSource : aliimg.com

Due to scientific advancement [technology has proved that it is a great blessing for human], innumerable relevant new versions of apps, games keep on updating. Android games can be played anytime, anywhere whenever child is free. At present even 10 years old child is conscious about electronic games.

Call of duty, Donkey Kong, Space invaders, Super Mario bros, Street fighter, down well, Fallout 4, Final fantasy 7, Tetris, Half-life 2; Hotline Miami are popular video games.

donkey-kong-countrySource: wiiudaily.com

Real racing, Five nights at Freddy’s, Temple run, Candy crush, Fruit ninja, Plants & zombies, Subway surf are another exhilarating android games.

Candy_Crush_Soda_Saga_HD_newSource: candycrush.wikia.com

Electronic games enhance skill, coordination among body parts, concentration, minimize strain & train to learn well-organization.

mini militiaSource: play.google.com

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