Greatest Title in the World – Parent

Okay, this may take several minutes to read but I hope you’ll like it. Let’s take few minutes off our busy schedule and think of those people who made our lives worth living. Those people who worked selflessly day and night, to fulfil each and every need of ours. Those people who gave us everything and just asked a bit of our time and love in return. Yes, many of you must have guessed it till now. They are our Parents.

The only discussed topic now-a-days are all sort of things that do not even matter but in this chaotic world why have we forgotten to discuss the most important people who matter to us: Our Mother and Father.


Mother is the one who is always there to take care of us, to feed us, to make us stop crying, to help us in finishing up with home works and projects and most importantly to save us from everything which could hurt us. Mother is the best guard of her children. But have you ever thought seriously about the man behind the camera? That’s our Father. Today, we need to look at what our Parents means to us.


When we were younger we all shared the common fear of getting scolded by father, but at the end of the day he used to feel guilty and would do anything to cheer us up.  He was the one who kept us from falling, he allowed us to do mischievous things without letting our mother know!

Have you ever wondered how things change since childhood? How we used to wait for him to return from his office and straightaway ask him to play with us without even having the idea that he worked 12 hours continuously at the office without taking a break.  He taught us to play so many games that we could not learn on our own if he were not there to teach us. Remember, he never said “No” to our play time?  Don’t you miss his piggy back rides, demanding him for your favourite  ice-creams. Agree on it or not but when he came to cooking he gave a tough competition to our mother.

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Ahh! Those were the best days we are never going to get back. They are just beautiful memories which can be remembered and cherished throughout our lives.

Things have changed so much now. He gave us everything we wanted. If he could not afford to give us the gift at that point of time, he promised to give it to us soon or on our next birthday and of course, our demand got fulfilled as promised by him.

Believe it or not but at some point of time, we got angry with him just because he could not get us what we asked for. On the other hand, when we complaint for the same with our mother, she would make us understand the problems and we had a soft corner for her. Mother is always the one who makes us aware of the difficulties but we have high hopes from our father and this is why as we grow up, our relation becomes hard to pull off.

He may be as tough as a rock from the outside but he is as soft as a piece of cheese from inside. The problem we got away from him as time passed by and stayed close to our mother is because he never shared his problems with us, he never cried before us, he never showed if he was in a financial crisis or he had a tiring day and he brought everything which we wanted.  All this time we thought he was not close to us but he knew everything related to us. We might have never understood what misery our parents faced, but they knew every problem which we faced. They laughed through their pain just to keep us happy, so we have no right to keep them abandoned from our love and support.


Why have we forgotten all those beautiful times we spent with our parents? Why do we choose to treat them in the way in which they do not deserve at all to be treated? Why can’t we give them all what they deserve?


But as it is said, “it is never too late”. So let’s take a step forward and make our parents happy. Small and sweet gestures of ours will make them feel glad. So let’s talk to them and know their problems. All their lives they have been hiding their problems to keep us away from any trouble, now, it is our duty to make their life easier and happier. Let’s celebrate each day of our lives with our parents. They have done so much for us. Doing small things for them is nothing in front of all those sacrifices which they made for us.

Never forget – Parents are next to God!


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