Holi Celebrated by Youth for Seva Team at Gandhi Ashram

Holi was celebrated at Gandhi Ashram, Delhi.. Member of PencilText was also part of it and so we bring to you the story covered by our Team.

Holi is said to be Vasant Utsav or Spring Festival of India. This festival is known as Festival of Colours which spreads love among everyone. Holi is a two day festival, the first day is known as Holika Dehen and Holi is played on the second day. It is the festival which unites us with everyone.

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This festival shows us the true meaning of life. Different colours which are used in Holi have different significances such as Blue colour depicts the colour of Lord Krishna, Green colour is the symbol of harvest and fertility, Red colour symbolizes the love, purity and beauty, Yellow colour is the symbol of Piousness, Saffron is the symbol of strength. In the same way every other colour has its own significances.

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Since 4 years Holi is being celebrated by Youth for Seva Team at Gandhi Ashram, Delhi which is a free Boarding School for SC, ST and Destitute children. The school is for students from class 1st to 5th. 129 children study in this school. This year Holi was celebrated on 19th of March 2016 by Youth for Seva family. The celebration started from 11:00 a.m. and came to an end at 1:00 p.m.

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These children taught us the real meaning of Festival. We experienced the joy of the festival with these students in other words, we relived our childhood.

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As Holi was to be played with Kids hence, only Herbal Colours were allowed which are organic and harmless. Along with Holi celebration, different activities were also organised for kids, in which they participated enthusiastically.

PencilText & YFS TeamVolunteers took lots of selfies with the students and the joy on the face of those kids was worth looking at!

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Students were asked to perform their favourite activities, so we got to see children participating in race and Tug of War, performing Summer Salt, head stands, poem recitation and singing songs.

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For more entertainment rocket balloons were provided to every kid which was a real treat to eyes. YFS volunteers also participated along with the kids.

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At Gandhi Ashram as the academic session ends after Holi celebration, so it is also the time to bid farewell to students of class 5th therefore this event is full of emotional turmoil too. Senior kids got emotional as it was their last day in their school but as it is said, “the show must go on”. Therefore, this event was enjoyed to the fullest by the students as well as Youth for Seva team.

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At last biscuits were distributed among the kids and volunteers. It was a great time for volunteers as they got to interact with these students and vice-versa. It was indeed an unforgettable celebration for everyone.

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This celebration also helped few of our volunteers who were initially afraid of playing Holi to deal with their fear of colours.

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We look forward for next year’s celebration!

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