Horoscope – It’s All About the Game Of Planets

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We are always eager to know about the future. What is going to happen? What will happen next? These are the most probable questions that arise in our minds. We always want a good future and we are always striving to improve it. At the start of the day, everyone is curious to know how their day will pass? Most of us are familiar with horoscope, natal chart, and wheel of time. Time, date, and place of birth are the main aspects of horoscope, also taking in use, the position of planets. A professional who studies horoscopes, is called an Astrologer. One’s horoscope is decided at the time of birth and is signed by one of the 12 zodiac signs. But one makes their future themselves, by working hard. “Horoscope cannot predict one’s exact future, but it describes them, in such a way that they are able to learn what will help them to achieve their goal.” One’s thinking, liking, feelings, and qualities all are decided on the basis of what type of sign they have and relative positions of the sun, planets, and moon.

The zodiac signs are 12 in number and have their own value. It is possible that more than one person may have similar signs. There is no need to go into details, but at least, we should have an idea about which sign we have.

ARIES [March 21- April 19] – Signifies the fire element. Lively, affirmative, bold, irascible, erratic, aggressive- are the features of Aries. The ruling planet is Mars. Red color is associated with Aries.

aries (1)



TAURUS [April 20- May 20] – Indicates the earth element. Dedicated, stubborn, tolerant, with great strength, inflexible- are traits of Taurus people. Dominant planet is Venus. Green color is favorable.





GEMINI [May 21- June 20] – This sign is ruled by Mercury and indicates air element. Versatile, joyful but anxious and unstable, communicative and escape from loneliness. The preferable color is an orange. This sign defines dual personality. Green & yellow colors are preferable.



CANCER [June 21- July 22] – dominant celestial body is Moon & symbolizes water element. Faithful, suspicious, kind, determined are attributes of people who come under this sign. Violet color is suitable.




LEO [July 23- August 22] – dominant celestial body is Sun and the sign symbolizes fire. Energetic, have strong leadership qualities, but are egotistical and inflexible. Red, gold, white and orange colors represent Leo.




VIRGO [August 23- September 22] – Ruler planet is Mercury and sign represents earth. People with this sign are generous, faithful, logical, anxiety, with good sense of verbal communication, conservative and systematic. Yellow, green and orange colors are suitable.




LIBRA [September 23- October 22] – Signifies air, sign is ruled by Venus. Calm, equitable, confused and intellectual, team players but have self-pity- these are the characteristics exhibited by Libra. Green and blue colors are for Libra.





SCORPIO [October 23- November 21]  – Indicates water. Confident, decisive, passionate, envious, with a mysterious personality.  As sign has ruling planet Pluto, Scorpio has good leadership, and cool action. Red color is associated.




SAGITTARIUS [November 22- December 21] – Represents fire and ruler planet is Jupiter. Inquisitive, lively, with a sense of humor, inept, socializing but moody and impatient, are their features.  Pink, violet, red colors are for people with this sign.






CAPRICORN [December 22- January 19] – Sign has ruling planet Saturn and represents earth. Generous, responsible, serious-minded, self-controlled, but have patronizing superiority- all exhibited by Capricorn. They give more preference to family. Black & indigo colours relate to Capricorn.




AQUARIUS [January 20- February 18]  – Signifies air element. Bottomless thinking, reserved nature, humanity, sometimes become aggressive, inflexible but intellectual- these are the traits shown by Aquarius. Ruler planet is Uranus. Blue-green, grey & blue are Aquarius favored colors.




PISCES [February 19- March 20] – signified element is water. Communicative, altruistic, scared, but loyal- are the features of Pisces.  Aqua & sea- green colors are associated to Pisces and ruling planet is Neptune.




On the basis of position of planets, your horoscope tells about you and as the positions of celestial bodies change, your transient traits, feelings, thinking, etc also change.


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