Intolerance, My Point of View!

Disclaimer: This is my own point of view, yours might differ.
I am not here to debate; I am here just to express my views.

Modi became Indian Prime Minister by a staggering majority defeating Congress who has been ruling India for long period of time.


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Let’s not talk about how our Prime Minister is working and delivering on his promises, which no one can deny but try to overshadow it by petty logic’s about black money and alike prospects which were thrown in at the time of the election.

Let’s talk about the issue that has been cropping out of nowhere.

I know most of you have no relation to Advertisement industry and it’s not your fault if you are unaware of the term “Dark Public Relation” or “Negative Public Relation”.


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Negative Public Relations also called Dark Public Relations (DPR) and in some earlier writing “Black PR”, is a process of destroying the target’s reputation and/or public identity.

So let’s see how it worked:

Congress being a long-term ruler could not digest the fact that BJP won the election tarnishing their image for now and forever.

So what could congress possibly do?
They don’t have a developmental track record to show off.
Their tenure was full of scams and treachery.
They had a bad international relation or say no relation at all.
And many other things, we know all about it, right?

When people don’t have ground to compare the agency involved has a duty to create some false terminologies and propagate it through different media sources.

So they created “INTOLERANCE” a word without any existential proof but it was easy for them to do it as Modi has been projected as anti-minority due to 2002 mishappenings.

And thus, intolerance was born to create the feeling of fear in the minds of the unaware public.

Since then Leftists have been trying to highlight every stance that was related to minorities or Dalits.
And media parallel promoted it as the failure of the existing government to handle the situation and even alleged that these situations are being created by Government.

How they used it?


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During Bihar elections, they used Authors and writers who have been awarded during the tenure of congress to return their award.

And well it worked out! Right?

India with a population of 1.3 billion is deemed to have issues, people die, commit suicide, there are accidents, murders but using them as political agenda is wrong. The death of people from backward classes, minorities are being highlighted and moulded as an advertisement against Government.

Do you believe every advertisement you see? Or let’s be blunt “any advertisement” you see?
Do you really believe every endorsement by celebrities?

Do you really think eating pan masala can get you achieve heights and successes?


Let the government work and please focus on your life.


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Neither Kanhaiya will get you food Nor Arvind Kejriwal.

And if there is a real problem, stand with India, not JNU or a bunch of people with skewed ideologies.

Let’s be Indian first.


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