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“Life”, as stated by many, is the most precious gift from the almighty. Each one of us carries many dreams and aspirations in our hearts and works hard to actually transform our dreams into reality. In the process of dreaming and digging for it, and then finally achieving it, people may sometimes become regretful. Regrets are those evil bugs that eat up our self-confidence. Undoing regrets in our life is what makes life worth living.

But one should, in the process of leading a meaningful life, take care of a few things-

  • If today you are surrounded by the sky of sorrows, there will surely be rays of happiness.
    So, do not ever feel  victimized.

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  • If today you taste success, tomorrow may bring you failure. So, stay grounded.

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  • If you have thousands of followers today, you may be left alone to die tomorrow. So, make companions, and not followers, who will walk along your side through thick and thin.

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  • If in the present you are fortunate enough to utilize a resource, but are careless with its use, your children may have to strive for it, in the future. So, spend judiciously.

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Life is what you make out of it. It is as simple as you think and as complicated as you make it. Do not be among the ones who keep regretting about everything, be someone to dare and take a chance to stand out. Most importantly, live each moment, because no one knows what lies ahead.  Don’t stack up your plans for tomorrow, because you never know which breath you take is your last.

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But in the process of living for yourself, do not forget to take care of those who care about you, and others around you. Living for oneself is something that even animals do. What makes us humans superior is our ability of thoughtfully living for others. Mother Teresa dedicated the whole of her life to serve humanity and was called the mother of the nation. Her life is a perfect legend in itself.Be Happy (5)

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I end up by quoting, “You live only once, but if you do it right, once is enough!”

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