Orlando Massacre- 12th June, 2016

We all have heard about the heart-wrenching incident which took place in Orlando. We at PencilText present a report on the Mass Shooting and pray for the suffering families.

12th June 2016 was one of the deadliest days in the history of United States. The Orlando Shooting also known as Orlando Massacre was a terrorist attack in the form of Mass Shooting. 50 people were killed during an attack at Pulse, a Gay Nightclub early Sunday at Orlando, Florida leaving 53 people with serious injuries. This attack is the deadliest mass shooting done by a single gunman, the deadliest attack on LGBT community and deadliest attack in U.S since 9/11.

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The gunman has been identified as Omar Mateen, 29-year-old Muslim American born in New-York of Afghan descent.


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Mateen’s father Siddique Mir Mateen says that the hatred for Gay people led his son to kill about 50 people at the Night Club. He also stated that this has nothing to do with the religion. But Omar was “cool and calm” after he attacked so many people and was found talking to law enforcement about further carnage and claimed allegiance to the Islamic States. So the Police are investigating whether the shooting was a hate crime or he had links with the terror group.


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According to Mateen’s ex-wife Sitora Yusufiy, she only lived for 4 months with him as he was mentally unstable, bipolar, short-tempered and used to fight a lot with her. She faced a lot of violence done by Omar and finally filed a divorce to get free from the dreadful marriage. They had no connection with each other for 17 years until his news.


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According to a report, the suspect parked his van outside the Nightclub before 2 A.M and entered the club at 2.02 A.M armed with an AR-15 style assault rifle and a handgun. He had the license to carry the gun. Then he opened the fire inside, where almost 300 people were drinking and dancing. At 2.09 A.M the nightclub posted a warning on the Facebook.

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At 5 A.M the police began an attempt to rescue the hostages. The suspect was shot and killed in the gunfight which involved 11 officers. Omar Mateen had been investigated twice by the F.B.I for possible connections to terrorism. He went regularly to Pulse and had a profile on Gay Dating App.

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A post was shared by ISIS after the massacre which stated that “may Allah Bless Omar Mateen with a Palace in Heaven.”


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In this huge Massacre, many people lost their lives. A fun night changed into a nightmare for many people. But Orlando city stands strong and people come out to volunteer and help families who are suffering the loss of their near and dear ones. Funds are being raised and people are keen to help in every possible way they can.
We pray for everyone who lost their loved ones and may the soul of people who sacrificed their life for making no mistake Rest in Peace.


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