Rare Things about The Mahabharata

You must know a lot about Mahabharata but there are still such facts which you are not aware of. We at PencilText have listed below few rarely known facts about Mahabharata. Take a look!

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1. Abhimanyu, the son of Arjun and Subhadra, was said to have born with the soul of the demon Kalyavan, whom lord Krishna killed near the mount Girnar.

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2. Guru Dronachrya’s father, the sage Bhardwaj, was overcome by a desire on seeing an apsara, who had come to bathe in the Ganga. This caused him to ejaculate, which he stored in a vessel(droon), out of which Dron was born.

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3. Duryodhan’s daughter Lakshmana was married to Krishna’s son, Samva. Duryodhan’s son Lakshman was also set to marry Balarama’s daughter Vatsala but could not because she loved Abhimanyu, was kidnapped by Ghatotkach from the mandap and was married to Abhimanyu.

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4. Draupadi was politically and verbally tactful. When she was dragged to the court of Hastinapur after she was wagered and lost in the game of dice, she apologized to the elders that she could not bow to them earlier because she was being humiliated.

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5. Ashwatthama out of rage released the Brahm-Astra at Uttara’s womb, who was then pregnant with Parikshit. Krishna countered it and cursed Aswatthama to wander the earth in search of relief and also ripped him of his divine Mani. He is said to still roam the earth and people have said to have seen him.

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6. Urvashi, from Indra’s court, cursed Arjun to become a eunuch when he rejected her advances. Indra hinted to Arjun that this would become a boon for him during agyatvas.

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7. In a previous life, Draupadi had prayed to lord Shiva to grant her the boon of getting a husband with all the 14 desirable qualities. Since this was not humanely possible, she was allowed to marry 5 men with all these traits. Another story says that on being granted a boon by lord Shiva; she repeated her wish 5 times, making her destined to marry 5 men.

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8. Sahadev, Pandu’s son from Madri, was the most knowledgeable of all during that time. He even knew of the impending war. Pandu said if his sons ate his flesh after his death, they would attain vast knowledge. Only Sahadev ate his father’s flesh, hence became the most knowledgeable. Such was his knowledge that even Duryodhana approached him to consult about the muhurta of the sacrificial ritual to ensure victory.

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9. In all, only three people saw lord Krishna in his divyaroopam- Arjun, Sanjay, and Karna. Arjun and Sanjay got to listen to the Bhagwat Geeta. Karna got to see his divyaroopam when Lord Krishna was impressed by his daanveerta even while dying. Lord also offered to preach the Geeta to Duryodhan to prevent the war, but he declined saying he knew right from wrong.

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10. The disrobing of Draupadi was instigated by Karna, who was vengeful of his insult at Draupadi’s swayamvara, where Draupadi prevented him from entering the competition, calling him a Suta.


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