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Refreshing and Interesting Holiday Homework

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Dhoop me niklo, ghataon me nahake dekho, zindagi kya hai, kitaabo ko hata kar dekho”
Lines from Nida Fazli are so true here.

A very famous teacher from Italy gave his students very interesting challenges to face in their holidays. He gave 15 points to the students which can change their lives and will help them to lead a happy life in future. He got this idea of interesting holiday homework from a character of film who used to teach his students through poetry.

Hence, we at PencilText have sum up those life changing points for you!

  1. wake up early in the morning– go for a walk on the beach. Watch the sun rays falling and sparking on water and thing about the things you love the most in your life.
    man walks on the beach at sunset


  1. Usage of new words– use some new words in your usual communication with others. You will feel free.



  1.  Read something good– read not only to study but increase your knowledge. Holidays come to fulfill your dreams, when you will read something good you can feel yourself at a different level from others.



  1. Keep a space – from the people who create negativity in your life.
Meditating closed eye businessman in office with arguing colleagues shouting and fighting.

Meditating closed eye businessman in office with arguing colleagues shouting and fighting.


  1. When you feel scary don’t panic– whenever you get scared write your story on a paper and then read it again after some days, you will find out that the fear was useless and meaningless.



  1. Dance freely– either on stage or in your room dance like a mad person.



  1. Watch the rising sun– be silent and thank the nature while watching the sun rising.



  1. Speak as much as you can


  1. Express your feelings– in this duration if you feel someone has become special for you convey it, even if he/she does not understand.



  1. Review– compare all those things with what you have studied with what you have learnt.



  1. Be happy– always shine like a rising sun



  1. Don’t do promises– don’t speak just words, mean those words and prove them by your activities.



  1. Watch movies– which have touching, emotional dialogues



  1. Dream and try hard to complete it in your real life.



  1. Behave good– with others as well as with yourself.



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