The Loser’s Diary

She was ambitious.  She had dreams. Dreams that she lived for, worked for and struggled for. She was not the one in a million but her ambitions were worth millions.

Apart from all her love for sketching, she made her parent’s dreams her’s.

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She was a loving daughter, ideal friend and a role model for her siblings.

Her life was not a fairy-tale, but yes! She was happy and content.

“LOVE” was all she gave and received.  But time does change. If we enjoy springs, we encounter autumns too. Everything changed for her in seconds when she could not qualify in the test of her life. She was defeated, not by herself, but by the society.  She was looked upon by everyone. Every tags, every happiness, every fortune was snatched from her by evil play of time. She was abandoned.

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The crowd that was her’s till yesterday, now stood judging her. She, left in tears, was falling apart bit by bit. But, she was not the typical one. She was strong.

She gathered herself, fixed all the fallen bits and decided to fight her struggle. The struggle was not an easy route. The taunt she received, the judgment she faced, pierced deep down into her heart. The only therapy she was used to was to cry her heart out behind the bolted door. She consoled herself and became the best self motivator. It was just the tears that knew her darkest secrets and pain.

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“SHE” could be anyone amongst you. The aim is not to give up but handle the tough times like a boss! Even if the night is growing darker, it doesn’t mean the sun will never shine. See hope in the dark of the day and focus on brightest side. Struggle will one day be the experiences that you could share out to the world.

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