The Mightiest

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Nobody has seen the whole world, and nobody knows what prevailed before them. Scientists and adventure enthusiasts have found a number of organisms that never stay back in displaying their might, which if encountered actually, may give people a fright. We at PencilText have made a list of The Mightiest Things that are found on the Earth. Let us take you to a tour of the mightiest organisms that have ever been on this planet.

Titanoboa is an extinct genus of snake that lived about 60 million years ago (Paleocene epoch) Titanoboa cerrejonensis the only known species of Titanoboa, is the largest snake ever unearthed having a total length around 12.8m (42ft) and weighed about 1135kg (almost equal to a school bus).
In 2009, the fossils of this gigantic snake were excavated from a coal mine of Cerrejon in La Guajira, Columbia.Being an apex predator of the Palaeocene ecosystem, evidences point at the genus to be dominantly.


Titanosaurs were the largest animal ever to tread on the earth, which lived about approximately 101.6 million years ago. This dinosaur belongs to the group of Sauropods, the long necked beasts.
223 bones have been recovered till date and by using multiple methods to develop a reliable size estimate, the giant was estimated to be of 37 metres and weighed 70 metric tons (equal to 15 African elephants).
But these animals were herbivores.

11.-Titanosaur-overview_DF-1024x1024Source :

Bagging itself the title of the biggest prehistoric shark, Megalodon was the largest marine predator that ever ruled the oceans.


Only a few scattered bones and thousands of fossilized teeth have been discovered, its size estimated to be approx 60 feet long and 50-75 tons.
These ultimate predators befitted their title and feasted on whales and other giant marine fishes.
Megalodon clamped its jaws shut with a force of between 10.8 and 18.2 tons. Their teeth were over seven inches long.


Quetzalcoatlus were the largest known flying animal ever known and lived about 125 million years ago.They belonged to the family of Azhdarchidae (toothless Ptesaurs with long stipend neck).
The first Quetzalcoatlus fossils were discovered in Texas at Bigbud National Park. In 2002 study, its wingspan length was estimated to be 36 feet (10.9m) and weighed 200-260kg.


Fungus is classified under micro-organism but exceptions are always there. Armillaria ostoyae is a humongous fungus that has been recently found in Malhem National Forest in Blue Mountains of Eastern Oregon. It covered an area of 2200 acres and is at least 2400 years old. It has been postulated that its huge size may be due the dry climate in Oregon so that spores fail in establishing new organisms, making room for old ones to spread.
These mushrooms are edible.

Giant MushroomSource:

This tree was discovered on August 25, 2006 by Chris Atkins and Michael Taylor is the world’s tallest tree. Present in Redwood National & State Parks, California USA is 700-800 years old and stands 115.6 meters tall.

Tallest TreeSource:

This giant cricket like creature found by Mark Moffett weighs 71 grams and is endemic to New Zealand and is an example of island gigantism. This is the biggest insect ever been found.

maxresdefaultSource :

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