United We Stand – Annual Day Celebration at Gopaldham

PencilText along with YFS is extending its hands in Promoting Social Work. Here is our report on Annual Day Function Celebrated at Gopaldham.

Youth for Seva organized Annual Function at Gopaldham . Gopaldham is a family oriented destitute home which was established in 1991. It provides free education and homely environment accommodation for children. Currently there are 80 children staying at Gopaldham from 16 different states of India.
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Children are imparted with quality education by sending them in reputed school. They are also given cocurriculum activities like music class, dance class, yoga class, electric training class and many other classes for the all-round development of children.
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On Saturday, I attended the event at Gopaldham which was organised by the help of Youth For Seva Volunteers. When I entered Gopaldham, the entrance hall had been beautifully decorated with flowers and glittering banner. Small girls were making ‘Rangoli’.
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Retired Commissioner of Police, Delhi respected Dr.B.S. Bassiwas the Chief Guest of the Annual Function. The Chief Guest and other Chair Person took their seats and the function started. The atmosphere was relaxed. The function commenced with an obeisance to the almighty and lightening of ceremonial lamp.

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YFS coordinator read the annual report highlighting the cultural achievements and enumerating the academic achievements of the students.

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An array of scintillating dance performance portraying patriotism mesmerized everyone. Yoga was shown to the children and they also performed a play to give a message to society. The play was very fantastic. Send your daughter to school, clean India and don’t fight with each other- these messages were very clearly shown by the children. They worked very hard for this function.

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The function ended with the presentation of the theme song ‘Vande Matram’ . Everyone stood up and sang the national song. All these children are from different states, different origin but one thing is common, they all are Indians. We are proud to be Indian. They want to become good citizens of India.

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I also went to their hostel. One room consists 13 beds for 13 children. Every child helps each other in their work and their togetherness makes them strong. Children are very talented. They make art and craft. One boy told me that they learnt dance and performed on stage within a week. YFS Team had put lots of effort to make the event a success.

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Pooja Jakhar
Youth For Seva

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