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What inspired and motivated our freedom fighters?
Do you know the whole song “VANDE MATARAM” ?
Do you know the meaning of the words “VANDE MATARAM” ?

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VANDE MATARAM, literally meaning, “I pray or bow down to thee, mother “, is a poem from a great Bengali novelist Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay’s 1882 novel “ANANDMATH”. It was originally written in Bengali and Sanskrit. It is a hymn to the motherland and played a vital role in INDIA’s Independence Movement.
Do you know how actually did our national song come into existence?
One September evening in 1875, Bankim was returning by train from Kolkata and heading to Kanthalpara, where he lived. As he was looking out of the window at the lush Bengal countryside, he enjoyed the sight of green grass, tall trees, waving flowers, the placid rivulets and suddenly the lines of the poem, “VANDE MATARAM” ran through in his mind. On reaching home, he took out a sheet of paper and wrote them down. And this is how Bankim’s poem came into printing and was well renowned.

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It was first sung in a political context by Rabindranath Tagore at 1896 session of Indian National Congress. In 1950, after India’s Independence,  the song’s first two verses were given the official status of the “National Song” of the republic of India.
“VANDE MATARAM” was the whole nation’s thought and motto for Independence.  Large rallies, fermenting initially in Bengal, would work themselves up into a patriotic fervour by shouting this slogan.
“VANDE MATARAM” is a song that has inspired patriots for hundred years and will no doubt, continue to inspire Indians for all time to come. Martyrs have sung it as they marched to the gallows.

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