Want To Blow Your Mind?? Try These Sports…

Everyone’s done with para sailing, paragliding etc. in the name of Adventurous Sports. We know that’s no big deal for you. Now it’s time to take the danger quotient ten notches higher. We at PencilText.com present before you a list of the most audacious sports in the world that will redefine the term ‘Adventure’. Get ready to face these adventurous sports Kyunki Darr Ke Aage Jeet hai!


  1. Solo Climbing, Northwest Face of Half Dome, United States.
    The Regular Northwest Face of Half Dome was the first Grade VI climb in the United States. It is recognized in the historic climbing text Fifty Classic Climbs of North America and considered a classic around the world. Neither you are harnessed to anything nor are you provided with any safety gears. You have to do everything to escape it. Death will be creeping behind you. Don’t worry there will be no injuries – Just Death!

penciltext.com solo climbing


  1. Running of the Bulls, Pamplona, Spain.
    A person has to dress in a white cloth and a wristband with a neckerchief on their neck. It is the deadliest and most exciting races of all time and lasts for a few minutes. That’s what it takes for the bulls to decide whether you are going to live or not!
    Yes, there is a narrow escape to exit from the race but not everyone has that presence of mind. Running at around 40 miles per hour is never going to give you a second chance.
    penciltext.com bulls spain
  1. Scuba Diving, Great Barrier Reef, Australia.
    It is a mode of underwater diving with anoxygen cylinder. Once you get in there you get to experience the beauty of underwater and witness shipwrecks, colorful corals andseveral species of marine animals. But you can’t just ignore the injuries, which can happen while diving underwater. So be careful!

    penciltext.com bulls scuba diving(Source-www.fishandshipsdivers.com)


  1. The Cage of Death, Darwin’s crocosaurus cove, Australia.
    If you are an animal lover then it’s the time for a breakup or take the examination. Australia’s largest saltwater crocodiles come knocking at your glass cage. It is famous for inhabiting the deadliest reptiles ever and survive the terror attack. Even though you are safe inside that glass cage but still a lot of men do not have the guts to enterinto it.
    penciltext.com cage of death                                                  (Source-www.amazingplacesonearth.com)
  1. Wing Walking.
    In our childhood, we all have a dream to fly. So if you want to make your wish come true, go for Wing Walking! It might be like a nightmare until and unless you are not
    brave hearted. A wing walker is tied on the top of the plane and pilot does everything to scare him. Those who think it’s easy, just imagine flying at 200mph above thousands of feet from the ground. Doesn’t it give you goose bumps?
    penciltext.com wing walking                                                            (Source-www.treeofhope.org.uk)


  1. Crocodile bungee jumping, Zambezi river, Australia.
    It is the deadly combo of height and fear of crocodiles. Jumping from woozy height and straight into-the deep-sea water where crocodiles are waiting for their lunch is threatening to life but it proves out to be one of the most adventurous sports.

penciltext.com crocodile bungee jumping                                                            (Source-noticias.bol.uol.com.br)


  1. Sky diving, Fox Glacier, New Zealand.
    This sport includes a free fall from thousands of feet above the ground through an air plane
    and surviving the free fall with the help of a parachute. A group of people sit in the air plane and jump off the plane turn-by-turn. It takes a lot of guts and practice to try this one.
    penciltext.com sky diving                                                     (Source-http://www.parachuteschool.com/)
  1. Base Jumping, Mount Everest.
    Base-jumping is much more dangerous than similar sports such as skydiving from aircraft. It includes cliffing off from over the sky. Yes, you will be provided some safety gears like a parachute, which will control your movement. But still not everyone has the courage to try these kinds of sports.

penciltext.com base jumping                                                                  (Source-theweek.com)



[Cover Image Source- www.crocosauruscove.com]
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