Why Me?

One fine day, Thomas asked Tina, “Why did you choose to be with an idiot like me, when you could have been in a better place than this?”
Tina looked up at Thomas and smiled. The smile she had on her face, defined the true bond between them. She then replied,
“You are the only one, who I see through the darkest phases of my life and you are the one whom I see myself with during the springs of my life.”


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 You have always been there like a shadow. Although, I am a big mess but, you always handled me with love. Man! Where does so much patience come within you? You pampered me like anything, like I am the only kiddo. You have been waiting all through your life. How did you never scold me for the biggest of the blunders I committed? Though you are not that peace loving, you do get angry at times but, when it comes to me, where in the universe does that anger disappear? I never planned of my love story. But, when it actually happened, I felt blessed. Blessed not only because I m in love. But because, I am in love with you, my main man..!


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In your eyes, I see my future calling out for me. Since ages, I was lost. I never knew what my actual self is. You introduced me to the “real me”. The side of mine which only you know well. Darling! You are my favorite mistake and I won’t regret doing it all over again, in a single breath. You are the one, with whom, I could fight like hell, ooze out everything, that is bottled within me, without a single hesitation. You never questioned my actions, as if you trusted so blindly. I was just another girl until I became your girl. For heaven sake! Please always be with me. My days start with you and my nights are clouded in your thoughts. I may not show it all the time, but, I am crazy about you. And who would not be, you are worth it. You always have been words to my thoughts, loved me, when I was not that lovable. You are my trust, my unspoken wish and my only favorite chaos. My strength is in you and with you, I could go through any phase of my life.”


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“Keep smiling, because you never know who’s falling in love with your smile…

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