Shakespeare is a renowned tragic artist and has left behind him a number of plays especially those that end in tragedy. But that’s not all; he even played his hands on RomComs as well. His acts draws curtain on various aspects of life. He is such an eminent tragic writer that he could sublimate even the melodramatic or absurd to the level of highest tragedy.

The tragedy of hamlet, Julius Caesar and Macbeth were among some of his plays that ruled the Elizabethan periods. His acts generally included elements of tyranny, revenge and finally ending in death.

Some of his best work piece is described below:

The tragedy of Macbeth:


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The play revolves around the socially eminent hero also called “The Valour’s minion” Macbeth, a trustworthy general and a warrior of The King Duncan.

Shakespeare also provides a special touch of supernatural to his every play but in this he outdid himself by introducing ‘The three witches’ along with the ghost.

Fortune smiled upon the valiant Macbeth’s wicked act of rebellion. Fortune which is also called a whore which first favours its customer but later becomes unfaithful. The prophecies of the witches were what that threw light on the true nature of Macbeth.

His greed for power robbed away his peaceful nights. His tragic flaw made him commit error after error.

But as told ‘What goes up has to come down’. His cowardice made him seek the witches again to learn about his future and it is rightly said that let future be a mystery or it may bring misery. Yet another prophecy was made and every word of it came true and so along with it came Macbeth’s doom.


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The tragedy of Julius Caesar:


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The tragedy of Julius Caesaris one of the William’s plays that contains political intrigue and murderous conspiracies. The central theme of the play being ‘CONFLICT BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL’

There is no right or wrong, it’s the thinking that makes it. The nobleman either out of jealousy(Cassius) or inner conflict(Brutus) aimed at the common goal of putting an end to Caesar’s rule. So what they thought to be right (Brutus loved Rome more than his best friend Caesar, though played a major role in the murderous plot) was wrong in the Roman’s eyes.

The best message which is delivered through this play which reflects in the real life “Eyes sees not itself / but by reflection, by some other thing”:-that it is the action or reflection of others that let us know of our true nature be it in success or in failure.


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“Character is destiny” is the most famous quote of Shakespeare which rules in this play. It was the overconfidence of Caesar that bought his untimely death for he was warned by the soothsayer (“Beware the ides of March”) and also by his wife’s dream and was advised to remain at home but he considered himself “For I am as constant as the Northern stars” so he defied all the warnings.

This bought the havoc to his life and later to the conspirators involved.


The tragedy of Hamlet:


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Hamlet stands out to be the greatest dramatic character that Shakespeare ever created. His elegant intensity and radical contradictions makes him the prince of the tragic heroes. He can be insane at one moment but witty at the other and has different shades of character. Though introspective scholar he believed in his father’s ghost who asked him to seek revenge for his death.

Revenge is like an inky shroud that covers us in hatred and so was with Hamlet. Though he tried to delay his murderous deed but later yielded to the revenge.


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He loved Ophelia though he mistreated her. His love can be sensed when seeing her corpse he says to Horatio “I loved Ophelia, forty thousand brothers /with all their quantity of love/ would not make my sum”.

The play ends in tragic death of the royal prince and all his relatives.

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Foolish human mind does not understand that it is the desire – desire to say something that was once not told or desire to see them that makes up a ghost.

Hamlet is considered the best part of Shakespeare’s works.

The Tempest:


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Though categorised in romantic play list but this play is to remind the audience that the division between tragedy and happiness is fragile and so must be maintained.


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This is the only play of Shakespeare that is tragic and contains the element of betrayal, tyranny and revenge but the story ends in ‘happily ever after’.

The best message delivered through this play is that we should leave our past behind and try to improve ourselves from the mistakes done instead of shouldering those mistakes forever and ever.


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